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 "Erfolg besteht darin, dass man genau die Fähigkeiten hat, die im Moment gefragt sind." Henry Ford

"Success consists in having access to the skills needed at the moment." Henry Ford

Jörg Hermes



Jörg Hermes has been engaged in the development of safety-relevant in different functions along the V-process since his graduation in electrical engineering in 2001.  As a member of the German informatics society (Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.) he cultivates the exchange between science and industry with a focus on software verification and validation as well as requirements management.
After gaining extensive experience in the development of complex medical products, Jörg Hermes has been working in the automotive sector since 2005. He was involved in software test and system engineering tasks and was in charge of the technical management of an interdisciplinary functional safety group. He extensively occupied himself with the introduction of the ISO 26262. Since early 2011 Jörg Hermes has been conducting ISO 26262 trainings. He is supporting automotive suppliers in the implementation of the functional safety standard ISO 26262 by defining processes as well as generating contents in different roles.
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