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Save lives and save time - Efficient and effetive safety requirements eliciation

Save lives and save time - Efficient and effetive safety requirements eliciation
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Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Hermes
19 November 2016

Save lifes and save time – efficient and effective safety requirements analysis and elicitation

According to a number of studies [ref.], requirements elicitation and management is one of the major reasons for project delays. However, safety-oriented requirements are essential to develop safe products and protect the persons at risk from inacceptable hazards. A number of challenges need to be tackled when it comes to requirements elicitation: there are functional and non-functional requirements, there are atomic requirements on abstract levels, requirements originate from various sources, they have to be testable and it is often not clear, who cares for which part of the requirements. This presentation will highlight the three most frequently occurring difficulties, which lead to increased product risk and cost time and effort. Implementable suggestions on how to manage responsibilities, write meaningful safety requirements and elicit safety requirements within a given design will be presented and illustrated by means of practical examples. Application of the presented approach will improve your safety requirements analysis and elicitation, by both decreasing the safety-relevant risk and saving effort to avoid project delays.


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