Quality management in production


Our understanding of efficient quality management does not start only in production, we rather see it as a cooperation between the development department and the engineers responsible for ensuring producibility of the products.


A series of projects has shown that it is not sufficient to pass components with critical features determined by FMEA to production, but that a constant communication about faults due to manufacturing errors is crucial. This kind of communication enables the integration of experiences about error possibilities into the production process and the development of alternative solutions. 


Besides an optimized production the result of such interactions can be for instance a reduction of the number of test benches or else an optimization of control plans, all that without making concessions to quality.



Quality management during development


Quality management during development we consider to be the systematic development of a product evidently having the required functions and features. 


Due to the continuously increasing complexity of products it is necessary to achieve a differenciated tracebility of the steps of development. Quality assurance procedures accompany the development to determine the particular state of quality, and undesirable developments are corrected at an early stage.  In this way we avoid to discover only at the end of a development that the product was developed faultily or does not meet the product requirements in parts or at all.


From our point of view it is not sufficient to implement only requirements engineering and quality control systems. The key step to a successful quality control during development is the implementation of a system engineering system.


Here requirements are subjected to software-assisted analysis, model-based system designs are created and their correctness ensured by verification before being passed on to the disciplines for development.


Our experience in the field of verification has shown that reviews coming from the periphery of maturity level determinations like CMMI, SPICE, Automotive SPICE are sometimes insufficient. We therefore apply methods of standardized problem solving like 8D to improve the efficiency of the reviews.


It may seem inevitable that the development of products will become cumbersome, slower and therefore more expensive when a system engineering system is implemented. But quite the opposite is the case. Implementation of a functioning system engineering system into development is a cost-saving shift of efforts and material costs to early development phases. 

Quality management

Quality management applies to several areas


In all technological sectors ranging from the automotive, medical, environmental industries to aeronautics quality management provides a systematic implementation of quality features.

Besides the development processes this also applies to the production quality ensured by continuous monitoring of defined quality parameters. An efficient corporate quality management facilitates the procedure from the call for tender via the development to the transition to production.


This is what we can do for you


We help you to devise an efficient holistic quality management designed for the use of targeted methods as well as to continuously enhance the degree of reusability of working products for subsequents product developments. In this regard we can assist your company with the successful implementation or the optimisation of an existing safety and quality management system.


HSQ is specialised in the systematic and lasting improvement of mechatronic systems development.  In our work we rely on standards like SPICE, Automotive SPICE®, sector-specific functional safety, as well as methods like requirements management according to IREP©, verification and validation according to ISTQB©, and project management according to PMBOK®. We combine the aforementioned approaches with engineering methodology like FMEA and problem solving methods like G8D, or Six Sigma / Green Belt methods. HSQ assists you in the systematic use of standards and methods to continuously improve your product development processes as well as product safety and quality, and to reduce the cost of development.


It would be our pleasure to advise you which procedures and methods are suitable for your company.

Quality management

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