Quality management

In order that a product meets the quality requirements, development processes have to be adhered to and activities have to be reviewed.

Quality management during development


Quality management during development we consider to be the systematic development of a product evidently having the required functions and features. 


Due to the continuously increasing complexity of products it is necessary to achieve a differenciated tracebility of the steps of development. Quality assurance procedures accompany the development to determine the particular state of quality, and undesirable developments are corrected at an early stage.  In this way we avoid to discover only at the end of a development that the product was developed faultily or does not meet the product requirements in parts or at all.


From our point of view it is not sufficient to implement only requirements engineering and quality control systems. The key step to a successful quality control during development is the implementation of a system engineering system.


Here requirements are subjected to software-assisted analysis, model-based system designs are created and their correctness ensured by verification before being passed on to the disciplines for development.


Our experience in the field of verification has shown that reviews coming from the periphery of maturity level determinations like CMMI, SPICE, Automotive SPICE are sometimes insufficient. We therefore apply methods of standardized problem solving like 8D to improve the efficiency of the reviews.


It may seem inevitable that the development of products will become cumbersome, slower and therefore more expensive when a system engineering system is implemented. But quite the opposite is the case. Implementation of a functioning system engineering system into development is a cost-saving shift of efforts and material costs to early development phases. 

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