Role-based functional safety trainings fill the gaps in the knowledge of standing experts.



Coaching we consider to be an individual and needs-based training for teams, imparting the skills needed in the particular phases of the project for the completion of the upcoming tasks.


The imparting of skills and competencies covers methodological necessities, technical necessities with regard to software tools and procedural necessities determined by the process landscape.


This training approach has the following advantages:


  • employee qualification takes place in ongoing projects with reference to specific technical issues
  • the need of training is satisfied immediately instead of delayed when upcoming tasks are to be completed
  • the focus of the employees' expert knowledge is set to product development by assisting in the handling of process requirements
  • the risk of a project delay is minimized by an optimization of the team structure with regard to experienced and unxperienced employees
  • the course of the project is improved by targeted use of software tools and methods


Due to the fact that the coaching approach offers a very efficient but individual project support, we restrict our coaching on functional safety according to ISO 26262.


If you have further questions about this type of training please contact us for additional information.

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